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Little Princess Trust

 On Saturday 9th December 2017, I made the courageous decision to donate my hair to someone who has either cancer or has alopecia.

 I decided to make this decision after seeing an advert on the TV, I really wanted to do something charitable for someone less fortunate than myself. My instant reaction for when I saw the advert was “If only there was a way I could help someone in this situation”. I have known a few people who have had cancer (but luckily their treatment did not mean they lost their hair) and was really interested.

 I needed to have my hair cut as it was like a bushy birds nest and needed sorting out so I said to my parents “Maybe I could donate my hair to someone else”.  We looked up some charities and the Little Princess Trust really struck me , their website showed you a video on how they make the wigs for children. In order to donate you need a certain length hair, soon my mind was made up.

 I chose to have my hair cut on the 9th December as I wanted to grow it a little more and have a new look for Christmas, which I was excited about.  I had this done at Tony and Guy in Canterbury. As soon as it was cut I felt like I had achieved my goal of helping  someone else and I am glad my hair is going to someone who will need it more than me, hopefully having a new wig will help increase their self-esteem and confidence.       

Sapphire Ivory Year 13