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Meet Pooky

Meet Pooky - Year 12 and 13 Workskills students accompanied by Mrs Butlin and Mrs Whitfeld attended Buttercups Goat Sanctuary in Boughton Monchelsea.

They are the only registered charity in the UK who care solely for the welfare of goats. They rescue abandoned, abused and neglected goats, and they also help animals simply in need of a new home whose owners can no longer care for them or who have been left alone after the death of companion goats. The sanctuary also help improve the knowledge and education about goat welfare nationwide.

The purpose of the visit was to see the work of the charity and to adopt a goat. We have now officially adopted 'Pooky'  a female pygmy goat and for for the next year we will be kept up to date of his capers. We also have a student Jack Heasman working at the sanctuary at weekends who can keep us informed.