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Teenage Cancer Trust

Year 10 students had a presentation By Hannah Maxwell from Teenage Cancer Trust.

The aim of the presentation is to improve early diagnosis through raising awareness of the main warning signs of cancer in teenagers and young adults.

The presentation covered the following aspects.

  • Explaining what cancer is, who it can affect and the main warning signs.
  • Outlining the main types of treatment. The more we understand the better equipped we are for coping when it does happen to someone we know.
  • Discussing the wider impact of cancer, not just for the person going through it but their family and friends. Often this is where students have experienced cancer.
  • Encouraging students to become the expert of their own body through understanding how healthy lifestyle choices can reduce their risk of cancer later on in life and encouraging them to feel confident in speaking to health professionals.

Teenage Cancer Trust is the only charity in the UK dedicated to improving the lives of teenagers and young people with cancer.