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Music Medal Exams

Last term a group of pupils in years 8-11 took Music Medal exams with their woodwind teacher, Miss Edmondson.

The exams taken range from Bronze level, which is the second level after Copper, to one pupil who took their Gold level exam (the second highest level).

The pupils had spent a long time learning their solo and duet pieces as well as practising skills tests including scales and sight reading. They then perform their chosen piece and skills tests with their teacher, which are videoed and marked by the examiner.

I am pleased to say that all pupils passed their exams. They get a certificate to show they have passed plus a star shaped pin badge that they can wear on their blazers. For some their blazer is starting to look very full!

Congratulations to:

  • Alice Green (Year 11) – Gold level Flute. Alice only has one level left to take (Platinum) before she will have passed them all. Hopefully she can do this after her GCSE exams.
  • Josh Hoare (Year 8) – Silver level Clarinet
  • Chris Murrell (Year 11)- Silver level Saxophone
  • Gemma Crome (Year 9) – Bronze level Flute
  • Aimee Draper (Year 10)– Bronze level Flute
  • Katie Hart (Year 9) – Bronze level Flute