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World Book Day 2018

This year’s TMS Book Day theme was gender. As it is the centenary of the suffrage act, we thought it would be a good opportunity to explore the impact of female writers and how issues of gender have been addressed since the nineteenth century.

For our TMS Book Day assembly, year 12 IB student Charlie-Anne Bradshaw used her time machine to invite important female writers and memorable female characters from the past 250 years to appear on stage with her. Mary Wollstonecraft read an extract from her text ‘A Vindication of The Rights of Women’ to present her thoughts on the importance of educating women. Her daughter, Mary Shelley, reinforced the value of such nurture by reading from ‘Frankenstein’. Virginia Woolf spoke of the necessity of women writers to have ‘A Room of One’s Own’ to allow them to share their views through literature. These august figures were joined by young characters, Anne of Green Gables, Lyra from ‘Northern Lights’, Celie and Nettie from ‘The Colour Purple’ and Offred from ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’, who shared their experiences of being female.   

Pupils were read to in class the chapter from ‘Jane Eyre’ where she and her classmates are mistreated at Lowood school. Pupils were given the opportunity to taste burnt porridge to evoke how Charlotte Bronte, through appealing to a reader’s sense of taste, creates the idea that the girls were regularly humiliated and purposefully made to suffer.

Activities also took place in the library, where Mrs Sherry organised a Book Treasure Hunt and book tokens were given out. (Owing to the snow, the expiry dates have been extended to 31st March.)