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Unit Radio Celebrates 10 Years of Success

It’s hard to believe that it’s now ten years since Unit Radio first ‘hit the airwaves’. Founded by Mr Whitehead in The Tydeman Centre, the club originated from an English lesson in which students made an audio diary describing their experiences of being stranded on a desert island.

That initial recording, called Castaways, could have been the end of it – except that those pupils involved wanted to carry on recording! Thus, Unit Radio was born as a response to the interests and talents of the students. Year on year, pupils have continued to record a variety of shows and dramas, tailoring storylines around the students involved who help to develop the plots and dialogue. Many of the recordings have been turned into acclaimed stage shows, bringing entertainment to parents, friends and a whole host of supporters.

Pupils have come and gone, leaving their mark on Unit Radio, building their confidence and creativity and making friends along the way. Many of those first students to be involved are the keenest ambassadors of the club and frequently visit to offer their support to newer members and even sometimes to help make new recordings.

As Mr Whitehead said, “I thought it might have all fizzled out by now, but the pupils have carried on coming back. Whilst there is enthusiasm, we’ll carry on making shows.”  Far from ‘fizzling out’, the club has gone from strength to strength and members have even won several awards for their endeavors.

It is fitting that as Unit Radio reaches its tenth year it has been awarded yet another award – this time for The Kent Literacy Awards 2018.

You can listen to Unit Radio at www.unitradio.co.uk and follow them on facebook.