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Student Success - The Theory of Music

Every Friday lunchtime Miss Cox runs a Music Theory club. This is open to any pupil but is primarily aimed at those that learn a musical instrument. It focuses on learning the theory behind written and practical music and includes things like notation, key signatures, scales, chords, rhythm and intervals.

In June two of our year 9 pupils, Gemma Crome and Katie Hart both decided to take the Grade 1 music theory examination.

This involved going to Maidstone Boys Grammar school on a Saturday morning to sit in the exam hall with other pupils from across the Maidstone area to do the written exam.

Today the results came in – both girls have passed the exam with the highest grade possible - a Distinction. The exam is marked out of 100 – Gemma got 90/100 and Katie 91/100.

Congratulations to them both!