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We Rocked You!

Last week saw the annual school production finally taking to the stage on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It has been a very long time since we first carried out the auditions, way back in October, and since the first rehearsals in November.

Pupils have been working incredibly hard, sometimes attending up to four rehearsals a week whilst continuing their normal studies and taking both internal and external exams.

This year we tried something different – a double cast. For each of the main roles we had two students playing the part. This allowed students to work together to create their character and to have more support with learning lines. We were also able to put on more performances without too much risk of people losing their voices.

On Wednesday we had pupils from years 3-6 in from St. James the Great to watch a matinee performance, on Thursday we had 64 pupils from Brookfield Junior school. It was lovely to welcome the younger pupils to our school and, judging by their singing and clapping, they thoroughly enjoyed the show.

We have performed WWRY you before, but this time we had a live band. The band was made up of pupils from Year 9 upwards, and included an ex-pupil, members of staff, old peripatetic teacher and a guest bass player. It was lovely to work with such a great mix of musicians.

Normally by the Friday night of the show I am looking forward to it ending, putting everything away and getting ready for the summer holidays, but I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end. If you hear Queen music around school it will probably be me sat at a piano still playing!!

This was Mr Leigh’s last show at TMS, as well as Mr Roberts. I know the cast will miss Mr Leigh incredibly and were very appreciative of his hard work on Friday night, as were the parents.

Thank you to everyone for their support. If pupils are keen to get involved in the next show, information will be given out through form groups and social media in the new academic year.