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Millionaire Word Readers’ Feast

On Wednesday 18th June, The Malling School held its annual Millionaire Word Readers’ Feast to celebrate pupils who had read more than a million words this year. A wonderful buffet and delicious cakes were provided for the hard working pupils. The number of words pupils read had been measured through Accelerated Reader with quizzes on each book to ensure texts had been read and understood. So, all the pupils at the feast had really earned their place.

For two reasons, this year seemed particularly special. Year upon year, we had slowly increased the number of millionaire readers. Last year we had twenty eight However, this year we’d almost doubled to fifty-three! This means around 14% of our Key Stage 3 pupils are readers of over a million words – with many of them being multi-millionaire readers.

It also was a triumph for our departing Headteacher Mr Roberts, who had supported the literacy team by understanding the vital importance of reading during his time at the school. He joined the celebration and was delighted. He said, “It seems amazing that five years ago when we began setting reading targets, we thought having one or two millionaire readers was quite an achievement. Look where we’ve come!” Telling the pupils how proud he is of them, he added that he expects seventy millionaire readers next year, “You lot, and at least eighteen more.”

Literacy coordinator, Mr Cass agreed. He added, “Reading – similar to wealth accumulation – follows the Matthew principle: the word rich will continue to get richer. They will only get better. Every book teaches you something. Books allow us to have experiences beyond our lives. And, quite simply, reading makes you cleverer and more successful.”

Books that pupils read over the summer holidays can be quizzed on in September, getting a pupil’s year off to a great start. Texts from the nineteenth century will be a great challenge for more confident readers, giving any pupil who reads them a great advantage in preparation for GCSEs.