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Knowledge Organiser Ideas for Parents

We’d like to thank parents for their positive comments and support for the Knowledge Organisers.  Many of you have asked how you can support your child at home so here are some tips:


Ensure your child brings their knowledge organiser and HW book to school every day as tutors will be checking their homework books this term. Many pupils carry them in a waterproof zip up or press stud pocket. They should also spend a minimum of one hour per night studying the two subjects from the HW timetable in the front of their KO. Often this will be learning key words and definitions, key dates or key characters.

  •          Encourage your child to read the sentence or fact aloud several times, then cover it and say it aloud.
  •          Once confident they know it they should cover the sentence and write out from memory.
  •          Repeat this step until the section is completed.
  •          Then, uncover the section. Pupils should use a green pen to correct any words, phrases or dates they got wrong.
  •          Repeat if necessary.


Many pupils have said they are really enjoying their parents, grandparents or older siblings quizzing them on their knowledge. Here are some ideas:

  •          Write or ask them a list of questions to check they have remembered their facts for example, ‘What is a catalyst?’ ‘Who is Juliet’s cousin?’
  •          Repeat the questions, or ask in a slightly different way at regular intervals and in unusual places such as driving to football practice a few hours later or on the way to school the next morning


Some pupils want to take their learning further and show they can apply their knowledge. This will help the excel in school.Here are some things they might like to try:

  •          Writing a paragraph with three key words or definitions in it.
  •          Linking different parts of their knowledge organiser by writing a paragraph about a key character or event that includes dates or quotations if appropriate
  •          Creating a timeline or a colourful mind map to demonstrate the information they have learned
  •          Creating flash cards/ Top Trumps or any other games to help them build up a stack of knowledge

Please read the information on How to use your knowledge organiser for more advice. We are also keen to reward pupils taking ownership of their learning so please encourage your child to share their brilliant work with their tutor in form time.