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Kent Fire and Rescue presentation at Mote Park

On Friday the 15th March, all Year 12 students attended a Kent Fire and Rescue presentation at Mote Park.

Road Safety partners have worked together to bring a new presentation 'No Turning Back' to young people across the county with the aim of educating and influencing the decisions that are needed every time they get into a vehicle.  

They want young people to be responsible for their own safety, maintain good attitudes, enjoy their driving experiences, and avoid these situations. 

The theatre education project which explores the circumstances and consequences of a road traffic crash.

Pausing the film for a moment, they speak to the audience about their experiences, the reactions of the driver and passengers, the medical implications and how seeing such trauma affects them personally. 

The audience then heard from members of the Fire and Rescue and Police teams who explained their experiences and the impact that collisions they have attended have had on their lives.

Students were very moved by what they saw and heard and reflective on the journey back to school.