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Girls' rugby team triumph

The girls’ rugby team from The Malling School is clearly going from strength to strength very rapidly.  Miss Spender only really started recruiting her team members seriously this year and already the girls are competing strongly against their peers from other schools.  Following the team’s triumph at the schools’ tournament on 12 June, some of the girls were recognised as already being among the best players in the county.

Building on this early success, Miss Spender now has a squad of 12 Key Stage 3 girls as well as 2 or 3 girls in Key Stage 4, who have been going along to training.  The PE department is planning to sustain the KS3 team, possibly even creating a second, and to build a KS4 team for next academic year.

Miss Spender and Mr Barnes have decided to team up next year to train the girls and the boys together.  The idea is that this will improve training opportunities for everyone.  New recruits to rugby are very much encouraged, especially from among the girls.

Of the girls’ latest triumph, Miss Spender said, “The girls were an absolute asset to the school. One of the referees even commented on their excellence, both on and off the pitch.  They were there to win and that’s exactly what they did.”