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Chick Watch!

Chick Watch - update

As a final update to chick watch we wanted to let you know that the 4 Malling School chicks and 1 duckling have now gone to live in their new home with Mrs Ferguson's other ducks and chickens on the north downs. Mrs Ferguson reports that they have settled nicely into their rabbit hutch, where they will stay till they are about 6 weeks old.  Then they will be able to join the others.  Mrs Ferguson still has 2 runner duck eggs in the incubator.  These are due to hatch in 2 weeks' time.  Some additional eggs are still being fostered under Mrs Cable's silky chickens as an experiment. The chickens will be very surprised when the ducklings hatch!

Thank you to all of the students (and staff) for their interest and enthusiasm throughout Chick Watch. Mrs Ferguson is always happy to answer questions and let us know how they are getting on.  The duckling has been named 'Fred' and we have decided that 'he' will keep that name regardless of whether 'he' turns out to be male or female. 

Chick Watch - Day Twelve

The chicks and duckling are back in school and happy for students and members of staff to visit them and check on their progress.

Chick Watch - Day Eleven

Sadly our second duckling didn't survive.  He was exhausted by the hatching process, which unfortunately happens sometimes.

Chick Watch - Day Ten

The chicks, duckling and the remaining unhatched eggs have gone home for the weekend.  We will keep you posted on any further developments.

Chick Watch - Day Nine

Today we have added a few more duck eggs to the incubator, as we have been asked to foster them on behalf of a friend of the school.

Chick Watch - Day Eight

Our first duckling has hatched!  The others are on their way!  Meanwhile our one-week old chick already has proper wing feathers.

Chick Watch - Day Seven

Chicks and ducklings could soon be a regular sight at The Malling School.  This morning our fourth chick, hatched yesterday afternoon, is starting his new life alongside his bigger siblings.  The exciting news today is that the first of our duck eggs are just beginning to crack, so we should have some ducklings in the next day or so.  Mrs Ferguson reports that ducklings take slightly longer to hatch than chicks.  Keep watching!

Chick Watch - Day Six

There is a lot of activity in the incubator today.  At least 3 eggs are cracking and you can actually hear the chicks cheeping inside the eggs. Mrs Ferguson will be in the lab at break, if any students would like to come and see.

Update: A new chick hatched at 1pm this afternoon. It is a smaller chick, with feathered feet. Its mother is a lemon Pekin. 'He' is staying in the incubator tonight, so he can rest.  He will also encourage the other eggs to hatch with his chirping.  Expect more chicks tomorrow!

Chick Watch - Day Five

And then there were 3, as overnight a third chick has hatched from its egg.  We are calling 'her' 'Mabel' for now, after yet another Chicken Run character.  Of course, at this stage, it is too early to tell whether the chicks are male or female.

Chick Watch - Day Four

'Babs' and 'Edwina' are looking forward to their Sunday lunch at Mrs Cable's house.  They will be having chick crumb. Yum!

Chick Watch - Day Three

Watch a short film of our chicks, here: http://youtu.be/mbEN72s7H6o

Our first two chicks are now at home with Mrs Cable.  She has temporarily named them Babs and Edwina after her favourite characters from the film, Chicken Run.  They are gaining strength in the brooder, have enjoyed their first meal of chick crumb and have plenty of water to drink.  Life is a little more comfortable for them now that they are out of the incubator.  In the brooder they have a non slip mat to help them learn to stand up.                         

Chick Watch - Day Two

This afternoon our first two chicks were hatched, right on cue.  They came into the world in Mrs Begum's lab in the Science Department. The rest of the eggs will be going home with Mrs Cable this evening and we will keep you informed of any further progress.

You are welcome to go along to see the chicks.

Congratulations, everyone! 

Chick Watch - Day One

Real life science is taking place at The Malling School.  We have a collection of hen and duck eggs which we are trying to hatch in Mrs Begum's lab in the Science Department.  We will bring you all the action here as it happens.  Don't miss this opportunity to see for yourself the miracle of nature.  At the weekend the eggs will be going home with Mrs Cable, so that we don't miss a thing.

With thanks to Mrs Ferguson for bringing us the eggs.