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Children in Need

Friday 15 November saw a huge array of events and activities taking place as part of the grand Children in Need Challenge at The Malling School.

Whilst students followed the school timetable and attended their normal lessons, at break and lunch time it was quite a different story.  There was sumo wrestling, fancy dress, cake sales, gladiator challenge, leg waxing, dance mats, face painting, penalty shoot-out, a raffle and lots more.  The highlight of the day, however, was without a doubt the opportunity to throw a wet sponge, or, for a rather bigger donation to the children’s charity, a whole bucket of water at your favourite teacher.

All events were organised by the school’s sixth form students who dressed as their favourite story book characters for the day.  They were delighted to see a record breaking total of money raised this year, at well over £1,000.

The picture shows Sixth Form student, Rebecca Martin (16), in fancy dress, pouring water over Vice Principal, Mr Paul Williams.