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  • Year 12 and 13 Vocational Students visit the Crown Court

    Year 12 and 13 Vocational Students visit the Crown Court
    31st January 2019

    After going through security checks students were shown around a courtroom, they were shown where the prosecution, defence, judge, jury and defendants sit and what to expect when in the court. Technology plays a big part in the court system as video link is widely used and all proceedings are recorded. Read More

  • Instruments of the Orchestra
    25th January 2019

    To link with this all year 7 pupil had an assembly this morning led by Miss Cox and some of the peripatetic music teachers. Read More

  • Don't Make the Wrong Choices
    21st January 2019

    On Monday 14th January Year 8 students had a presentation by Dan Morley from Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Read More

  • Never too old to Learn

    Never too old to Learn
    21st January 2019

    This morning a group of Teachers and Teaching Assistants had certificates presented to them by Headteacher Mr Vennart. Read More

  • Knowledge Organiser Launch

    Knowledge Organiser Launch
    7th January 2019

    We are introducing an exciting new approach to homework and independent learning at The Malling School. Staff have been working very hard over the last term to produce detailed Knowledge Organisers for term three for every year group who study their subject. The knowledge organiser holds all the key information that a pupil needs to learn for a topic for that term. It is split into three sections and staff will regularly test pupils on their learning at the start of lessons throughout the term. This means that lesson time will not be wasted delivering content as the pupil already has it and this will free up teaching time to embed and extend learning. Read More