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  • Kent Fire and Rescue presentation at Mote Park
    15th March 2019

    On Friday the 15th March, all Year 12 students attended a Kent Fire and Rescue presentation at Mote Park. Read More

  • Streetwise - Pedestrian Safety

    Streetwise - Pedestrian Safety
    13th March 2019

    Today the Year 7 students attended the Streetwise Pedestrian Safety Theatre presentation which was funded by KCC. The performance was lively and used masked characters to deliver the message of road safety and the potential consequences of lapses in concentration including fooling around or using mobile phones when crossing the road. Read More

  • BBC Young Reporter Day

    BBC Young Reporter Day
    6th March 2019

    Journalism Club members took part in BBC Young Reporter Day today and need your help. Read More

  • Is it Worth It?

    Is it Worth It?
    26th February 2019

    The interactive roadshow delivered a very credible message around E-safety, the dangers of Sexting and encouraged young people to think carefully about the consequences of what they post online. Read More

  • Knowledge Organiser Ideas for Parents

    Knowledge Organiser Ideas for Parents
    25th February 2019

    We’d like to thank parents for their positive comments and support for the Knowledge Organisers. Many of you have asked how you can support your child at home so here are some tips: Read More