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  • Licence to Kill?
    14th November 2017

    On Tuesday 7th November Key Stage 5 pupils attended the 'Licence to Kill' presentation at Mote Park Read More

  • Breaking the Cycle

    Breaking the Cycle
    10th November 2017

    On Tuesday 31st October pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 had presentations from 'Breaking the Cycle'. Read More

  • Introduction to the IBCP

    Introduction to the IBCP
    7th November 2017

    The video below gives a brief introduction of the IBCP program and features clips from many of the participating schools within Kent. Read More

  • We Will Rock You - Again!

    We Will Rock You - Again!
    6th November 2017

    After the success of this show in 2010, returning to The Malling School Stage this year, We Will Rock You! Read More

  • Return of Speakers' Corner

    Return of Speakers' Corner
    17th October 2017

    Speakersí Corner is back for the first time since the general election. On the same democratic platform, pupils and staff will put forward their thoughts on whether or not the voting age should be lowered. Who will make the most persuasive points and how will they be countered? Read More