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  • English Summer Revision Resources
    17th July 2018

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  • Student Success - The Theory of Music
    16th July 2018

    Every Friday lunchtime Miss Cox runs a Music Theory club. This is open to any pupil but is primarily aimed at those that learn a musical instrument. It focuses on learning the theory behind written and practical music and includes things like notation, key signatures, scales, chords, rhythm and intervals. Read More

  • Jewellery Club - Student Success

    Jewellery Club - Student Success
    12th July 2018

    Nicholas Franklin, Former Tyderman Student and consistent member of the Malling School Silversmithing and Jewellery Club for which he showed great aptitude. He attended the club for three years taught by Mr Robert Birch, who encouraged Nicholas to apply to study at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in London. Read More

  • National Writing Day 2018

    National Writing Day 2018
    11th July 2018

    Thank you to all staff and pupils for supporting National Writing Day last week. Below are a few headlines, and the images on the right show a brief sample of the writing from the day. Read More

  • National Writing day

    National Writing day
    28th June 2018

    Wednesday 27th June was "National Writing day". Pupils took part in writing exercises throughout the day and the main theme was ‘I feel most free when…’ Read More