Road Safety - Parental Communication

Dear Parents/Carers

Your child may have witnessed or heard about an accident involving one of our pupils outside of school yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to give you an update.

Sadly one of our pupils, who was riding a bike, had a collision with a vehicle as he rounded the corner of Beech Road near the entrance to the school. Although he was hurt, fortunately his injuries were relatively minor and he is back in school today. School staff, who were on duty at the gate, attended the scene immediately and were quickly joined by first aiders from school who attended to the boy. Senior staff were also on the scene very quickly. Police arrived shortly afterwards and will follow their normal procedures after a road traffic accident.

We are thankful that this incident was not more serious and would like to ask for your help in keeping our children safe as they travel to and from school. The drop off zone and immediate approaches to the school are very busy at the end of school and we ask that pupils, parents and visitors do everything they can to ensure their own safety and that of others. We give safety messages to pupils regularly and also have staff on the gates every evening to remind pupils of their duty to act responsibly, but you can help by:

  • Reminding your child about basic road safety rules, particularly if they cycle to school
  • Enrolling your child on a safe cycling course
  • Parking a short distance from the school rather than attempting to come onto the school site to pick up your child
  • Refraining from parking in Beech Road or on any double yellow lines
  • Not blocking our neighbours’ driveways
  • Not using the bus pick up area near the lake which needs to be kept clear for buses.

Safety at TMS is our top concern and I would appreciate you doing all you can to ensure that your child and others remain safe.

Carl Roberts


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