Year 7

Students will encounter a wide range of mathematical topics.  Each student will be made aware of the relevance of the topics being taught in everyday life and given skills in order to apply the knowledge they are given.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 - Powers, Functions, Geometrical reasoning, Construction,  Probability, Ratio, Proportion, Equations, Area and Perimeter
  • Term 2 - Coordinates, Mental and written calculations, Transformations, Data handling investigation, Problem solving
  • Term 3 - Fractions, decimals, percentages, measures, geometrical reasoning extended, statistics

Year 8

All topics visited in Year 7 are now extended in year 8 with extras introduced.  Again the students will be made aware of the relevance of the topics in everyday life with a little more referencing towards GCSEs in preparation for Year 9

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 - Powers, Functions and Graphs, Angles reasoning, Loci, Probability, Ratio and proportion, Equations and Formulae, Measures
  • Term 2 - Linear graphs, Mental and Written calculations, Transformations and coordinates, Processing and representing data
  • Term 3 - Fractions, decimals, percentages, Volume, Identities, Using ICT, Statistics

Year 9

Students now begin the first year of their GCSE syllabus.  Initially this is a review of topics previously taught but with an introduction to the expectations for an answer at GCSE.  Work will be undertaken in order for the students to be able to make sense of the functional aspect of the syllabus, with an emphasis on the literacy aspect.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 - Integers, Roots, Sequences and functions, Shapes and lines, Construction and loci, Probability, Ratio and Proportion, Expressions
  • Term 2 - Sequences, functions and graphs, Estimating, Describing transformations, Interpreting and discussing results, Equations and expressions
  • Term 3 - Simple and compound interest, Volume, surface area, Rounding, 3-D coordinates, Conversions, Statistics

Year 10

This is the second year of a 2-year GCSE course.  The students will sit an exam at the end of this year with the expectation of achieving their predicted grade.  Once again they will be visiting an extension of topics previously visited.  Further work will be completed with problem solving giving the student strategies to answer such questions.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 - Angles, shapes and lines, Loci, Probability, Ratio and proportion, Sequences, functions and graphs, Place value, estimating and rounding, describing transformations
  • Term 2 - Processing and representing data, interpreting and discussing results, equations, formulae, identities and expressions, fractions, decimals, percentages, volume, surface area
  • Term 3  - Revision for GCSE

Year 11

This is intended to be a revision year based on gaps in the students' knowledge as identified in the GCSE taken in June of Year 10.

Students will be taught all topics in accordance with their individual needs.