The geography curriculum follows the new national curriculum model. Pupils build upon skills learnt in primary school and follow a skills based project in term 1 of year 7, giving them basic geographical skills.

The curriculum enables students to study a broad range of geographical ideas, processes and concepts. From energy and linking it with the Middle East, to investigating issues closer to home such as river and flooding. The topics studied build upon one another each year, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the topics studied.

Students are given opportunities to take part in field work, such as investigating weather and climate in the local area, to field studies in Whitstable looking at issues around shopping.

For key stage 4, pupils complete the Edexcel Geography A course. This course gives the students a wide variety of topics to study within geography, enabling them to look at a range of physical and human geographical concepts. One part of the course is currently made up of a Controlled Assessment which contributes to part of their final grade.